World History-300 AD to 1776


Our history courses are organized around “key dates” which provide students with a chronological framework for the major events of world and U.S. history. The World History courses begin with the creation of the earth and the beginning of the human family with our first parents, Adam and Eve at 4000 B.C. This class will continue where we left off last semester, starting at 300 AD and covering the next three additional key dates.

This course will meet once per week for 1 hour on Wednesday mornings at 8:00 AM. You can attend the live session in Burley, or participate via Zoom online. All classes will be recorded for review and parent participation. Parents will be required to monitor the class and administer the weekly quizzes that will be sent by email a few days before the next class. Quizzes will be reviewed and self-corrected in class. Instructor: Alan Fluckiger



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